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Gold Coast
21 January 2003
The Message Board is now back up and running again. We look forward to receiving your messages again.

21 January 2003
Just found your website last night, after talking to my husband's family on Kioa Island. They were badly hit by the cyclone as well and only last night were we able to finally contact them. Most of the cook houses were destroyed in the village and some homes badly damaged. We are thankful that nobody was hurt or killed.


Mon, 20 Jan 2003 08:23

David and I have been trying for days to contact the island, but the lines are down. So our family in Suva are keeping us up to date with things.

Davids sister has just come to Suva from Tabiang and says that most of the houses have lost their kitchens and utensils. She also mentioned that Taveuni and Labasa have received aid but Rabi has had nothing.

We wonder if you have any contacts to find out if the aid organisations are going to offer some help. Apparently there were no incidents of anyone being hurt. We will continue to try and contact the island during the week.


Richard Tevita Walker
16 January 2003

Kam na mauri!!

I just tried to call Rabi and calls are now ringing instead of getting a busy signal. This is a promising sign. I think that that the telecom workers on Rabi know that the phones are now in serivce. I have tried several calls and have gotten no answer. I hope that someone will be there later today to answer the phone. Just wanted to pass this information on to you guys. If you happen to get through please e-mail so that I will be able to talk with them also. Thank you so much for maintaining such an unbiased website about your people. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything.


(Thanks for this update Richard and your words of support... we also got a ring out when the lines started to go out during the cyclone and then went busy, then recorded message. So not sure if they are even receiving the ring yet. But it does show that the phone lines are probably getting into Labasa exchange now. We will also keep trying. Please keep us posted if you hear anything.)


Raobeia Ken Sigrah

12 January 2003


Just spoke with an offier at DISMAC in Suva this morning where they have been studying the aerial photos of Rabi and report that it is looking OK at this stage. Still no communications yet. But good news so far. Hopefully will have more information when phones are back up or someone has been able to get into Rabi. We know before we lost contact with Binati (Ken's brother) that they had already experienced major flooding and that trees were coming down while houses were shuddering.

We will feel better once we can get some first hand information from Rabi on the situation on the ground.

Today's Fiji newspaper today are reporting as quote here that Rabi is one of island that has been badly hit...

Mr Qarase said parts of Vanua Levu - Labasa, the upper tip of Udu Point, Savusavu, Taveuni, Rabi Island, Kioa Island, Qamea Island and two islands in the Lau Group, Cicia and Vanuavatu - were badly hit.

Mr Qarase said the areas badly hit had lot of fallen trees, with flooded fields.

“There was lot of flooding at Labasa,” he said.

He could not put a figure to the extent of damage yesterday, saying it would run in millions of dollars.

“The aerial survey was good as it gave a first-hand information,” he said.


The quote following from Fiji newspapers shows the extend of damage at Savusavu. This means that the usual 110km dirt road journey from Savusavu to to Fiji village of Koroko to get across to Rabi will be in a bad state. Could take quite awhile to get through to Rabi from this side. Still no word on the condition of Taveuni airstrip or state of seas across Somosomo strait to Rabi. This voyage across from Taveuni can only be done in good weather conditions at the best of times...

...He said the extent of damage in Savusavu was extensive: There are a lot of uprooted trees, extensive vegetation damage, houses damaged, water supply disrupted, no electricity and communication - the main roads remain blocked by fallen tress and damaged bridges.


Ken Sigrah & Stacey King

15 January 2003


The NZ government dispatched a plane yesterday to fly over the cyclone affected areas of northern Fiji to spend 2 days accessing damage and the aid required. Australian aid officals are also onboard.

DISPAC in Labasa advised late last night that they expect Fiji Telecom people to arrive AM this morning to try and get the main telephone in the norther region of Fiji up and running again as soon as possible.

No reports from relatives and friends living in an around Suva on Rabi situation. The road between Savusavu and Koroko will be badly effected by heaving rains and flooding. No word on the situation from Taveuni and the state of their airstrip yet. Savusavu airstrip must be open.




The Associated Press, Tue 14 Jan 2003

Taken from FIJI POST

UVA, Fiji (AP) - A cyclone battered northern Fiji on Tuesday, bringing huge waves that smashed houses, destroyed crops and left two children missing and feared dead, officials said. Cyclone Ami packed wind gusts of up to 125 mph and sustained winds of 92 mph as it moved across the top of Vanua Levu, the country's second-biggest island, and the Lau group of 20 islands, Fiji's Tropical Cyclone Center said. ``It seems we have a disaster on our hands,'' said Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

Fiji's main tourist areas in the west of Viti Levu received heavy rains and winds, but no serious damage was reported.

Two children who ran into a church for shelter on Duradura Island have been missing since the building collapsed, the South Pacific nation's Disaster Management Office said. There were no other reports of injuries. Disaster office spokesman Alifereti Naioko said islands in the northern Lau group and northern Vanua Levu ``received extensive damage, with houses smashed and ... waves hitting houses and plantations along the coastlines.'' At Labasa, a town of several thousand people on Vanua Levu, torrential rains burst the banks of a river running through the town center. ``It is under six feet of water,'' Naioko said. Naioko said he had reports that people on the island of Layau had fled to limestone caves to escape huge waves rolling over the island. He said a New Zealand Air Force reconnaissance plane would fly Fiji disaster assessors over the regions early Wednesday. Qarase said he would wait for confirmation of the severity of the damage before deciding whether to declare a state of emergency in the affected regions.

Rajendra Prasad, director of Fiji's cyclone center, said the storm was the worst to hit the area since 1987 when Cyclone Raja passed over the northern and eastern islands with winds of a similar force.

Cyclone Ami was expected to clear Fiji on Tuesday and move southward to pass near the main Tongan island of Tongatapu by Wednesday.

Early this month, inhabitants of the remote Solomon Islands' atolls of Tikopia and Anuta were found safe and well after Cyclone Zoe hammered the area with 220 mph winds in late December.

2pm Fiji - 12 noon Aust time 14 Jan 2003 - CYCLONE AMI HAS HIT RABI

Click On here to see the current satellite view of CYCLONE AMI path

Have just spoken to officer at Fiji DISMAC (Disaster Management office) Labasa who advised that Cyclone AMI had quickly moved directly through the main notrthern island of Vanua Levu in the area of Vuda Point and then on through Rabi and Tavenui out towards the Lau Group.

He also reported that as we spoke on the phone, Labasa to the north was currently under 6 feet of water and the winds where they were located had been very bad as AMI passed through.

Fiji Navy Patrol boats may start out later today if weather permits to access damage and any casualties at remote island communities

We will keep in touch with DISMAC who will be coordinating any emergency efforts in the Rabi area.

8am Fiji - 6am Aust time - CYCLONE AMI HAS HIT RABI

Last contact we had with Rabi was at 2am Fiji time this morning with Ken's brother at local Police station before phone lines went out.

Aren Baoa in Suva advised this morning that the last heard from Rabi was that the road had been washed out at Buakoniaki and Uma villages. All phone lines are now down through out the entire northern region of Vanua Levu, with weather warnings issued stating 'Taveuni and nearby smaller islands, and also islands in the Lau and Lomaiviti Groups' were in direct path... Rabi is situated just 14 miles across from Taveuni along Somosomo Strait

Reports from Australian News services state that there are reports of major damage through out the north of Fiji and nearby islands, with reports of houses flatened and 2 reported deaths of children shelthering in a church on small island off Vuda point between Labasa and Rabi island.

Aren will try and update us with information from Fiji as soon as he hears anything.

At this stage our prayers and thoughts are all we can offer loved ones back home.


4.30am Fiji time - 2.30am Aust time 14 Jan 03 Tried to phone again - No phone contact now

Anyone from Fiji side with any information please email us with updates. Will keep track now on satellite map above and

3.52am Fiji time - 1.52am Aust time 14 Jan 03 Tried to ring Rabi again - Phones not working now on Rabi... hoping and praying for the best

2am Fiji time - Midnight Aust time 13 Jan 03 - Rang Rabi and spoke to Ken's brother - Biniati who is one of Rabi's - Fiji Police currently on rescue alert. He stated that they are now unable to go outside because of the high winds and flying debris. Trees are starting to come down and houses are starting to shudder.

The police have been advised that unless the cyclone changes direction Rabi is in the direct part of the eye of AMI. Obviously phones still operating at this stage. Ken will ring them again in a few hours to make sure they are all still safe.

7pm Fiji time - 5pm Australia time13 Jan 03

We have just got off the phone to Rabi with news that Cyclone AMI was just starting to bear down towards Rabi. The girls at Rabi's telephone exchange have advised that they will be on duty through out the night to try and keep communication open between Rabi and Suva...

Let's hope and pray that everyone back home remains safe and that Rabi by some miracle will withstand the onslaught. (Please look to the following news report from


Cyclone AMI is now posing a direct threat to Fiji especially Vanua Levu, Taveuni and nearby smaller islands, and also islands in the Lau and Lomaiviti Groups.

Director of Meteorology, Rajendra Prasad said AMI is likely to cause damaging gales to destructive storm force winds in these islands from tonight or early tomorrow.

Mr Prasad said Viti Levu and rest of the Group could also be threatened if the cyclone deviates slightly west of its current track.

He also said "the whole of the rest of Fiji would experience at least strong and gusty winds. Rain will be widespread with heavy falls at least in the Northern, Central and Eastern divisions."

Tropical Cyclone Ami is now located near 13 decimal 0 south 179 decimal 7 east or about 370 kilometers north-northeast of Labasa or 320 kilometers east of Rotuma at 12.00 PM today. Close to its centre the cyclone is estimated to have destructive storm force winds with average speeds up to 110 km/hr and momentary gusts to 170 km/hr.

It is expected to pass over Vanua Levu early to-night.

Raobeia Ken Sigrah
12 January 2003
Kam na Mauri in the Year 2003

First of all I would like to express my gratitude for messages left on our Banaban Guest Book to communicate and help us (The Banabans) in our quest to ''put the wrongs right' (as I use to call it) by your comments, snippets of information, encouragement and good natured feelings for us and fellow human beings.

Secondly, I would like to apologise for the latest entries, which had been appearing on our board by Jane Resture who has another Banaban website. Definitely these sort of conversations should not appear at all for it does not do any good, but for the sake of being fair to Jane and issues relating to justice and transparency I have allowed her message to remain on our site. As you all can see and judge the outcome for yourself, this is just another 'wrong I have to put right'. Jane does not have any connection to the Banabans at all regarding, traditional history, customs or culture. As far as I am concerned I encourage and welcome everyone to write about Banabans but to be aware of the sensitivity of these important issues and the impact they have back on our people. 'Click Here' to view the many different stories that are available on our site at - Latest Stories & Archived Stories List

Also Jane's latest comments are of more of a personal nature and therefore have no bearing on the issue of Banaban identity. Anyway, enough of that for it is time now to move on and focus on important issues regarding the future of our people.

Another important thing that I would like to clarify is the term 'ghost writer'. There is no ghostwriter but my co-author who is none other than my dear, beloved wife Stacey King, whom most of you have been communicating with for a very long time. Stacey's written endorsements from my elders can also be found in our recent publication, and as a team run this website for the benefit of all Banabans and friends indeed. We have every intention to stay dedicated to our work as a team.

The purpose of our Banaban Web site is-

1) To be a voice for all Banabans - it is their website, my wife and I also administer and sponsor the site.

2) To welcome and embrace worldwide communication with everyone regardless of race, colour or creed.

3) To uphold our Banaban heritage and through education of what has happened to us in the past, help prevent such events from ever happening again.

4) To build links to the outside world for our very isolated community

There is currently a glitch on this Message Board at the moment. Once if is fixed we will let you know, but for now you can contact us at - and we will put your message up manually.

Kam bati n rabwa

Kind regards to you all

Ken (Raobeia) Sigrah


Raobeia Ken Sigrah

10 January 2003

Nei Tiein

I taku bwa Ia tia ni kabooa am rongorongo n aron are ko tangiria ao aio te tabo are ea riai n toki iai am kamango.

Ia kaman tuangko bwa ko riai n aki kumea rongorongora (I Banaba) ma ko aki ongo ao aio naba te tai are koa riai iai n toki.

Akea riki te bwai ae ko riai n taekina inanon ara message board. bwa koa nangi ni kamangao.

Iai am message board ae ko riai ni kabongana ma ngaia are koa riai n aki kabareka ara message board.

I rarikin anne Iaki kani kamatauningaia raora ni IKiribati ma reeti nako aika kan maroro ma ngaira nte message board aio inanon te aroaro ao te katei ae rau.

Ngai Ken


Dame Jane Resture, Ph.D.
11 January 2003

Dear Ken,

It is apparent to anyone with commonsense and an understanding of our language and the English language that this entry was not made by you. I do have people coming to me complaining about a person who kept pestering them to translate English into Gilbertese in order to demonstrate his/her mastery of our language.

Indeed, I think that this ghost writer, who is obviously a non-islander, should come forward and tell the truth about his/her identity and interest in Banaba. Not to do this is dishonest, misleading and fraudulent and makes a mockery of your name and the Banaban people. Perhaps a lie detector may need to be used for this.

In addition, the entries, that are obviously made by you, are logical and consistent without undue and unnecessary emotions as shown in the last entry.

Once again, I would appreciate it if you would let me know when the Banaban Guest Book is open again so that my readers and I are able to reply. Again, not to do this is neither good manners nor correct when supposely you are the one who condemned my work - why is it necessary to use that kind of language from one islander to another?

Ko rabwa,


(Dame Jane Resture, Ph.D.)


Raobeia Ken Sigrah

10 January 2003

Dear Jane,

To answer your remarks left on the Banaban Message Board and to reiterate what has already been discussed in our previous private communications well over 12 months ago, regarding the very sensitive issue of Banaban identity and the continued distortion of our history since the discovery of phosphate on our homeland back in 1900. During this 80 year period our history was portrayed by those with a vested interest in mining or for the financial benefit of the Colonial government of the day, which unfortunately Kiribati was also part of. I have no problem with your promotion of my people, but while ever you continue to broadcast false and misleading information on our traditional customs and culture and also our lives on Rabi, you only continue to add to the exploitation of my people.

You justify your actions by talking about having 'the best and most balanced Banaban website'. This comment is of no interest to me as it is based on personal ego and has no bearing on historical facts and neither does our connection as cousins through our shared Kiribati ancestry from our Onotoa side. If you were a Banaban you would know that the most upsetting aspect is the denial of our Banaban identity and the insult of claiming we are ALL I-Kiribati. This is why our Banaban elders and traditional landowners went to great lengths to finally 'right this wrong'. For the first time in our history we now have our own reference source written by Banabans. The signatures of their endorsement can be found in the Appendixes of - "TE RII NI BANABA - The Backbone of Banaba" which was published in 2001 by the Institute of Pacific Studies, University of South Pacific and with the assistance from the Norm McArthur Memorial Fund, Australian National University. All areas of our cultural law are included in this publication and the misinterpretations of introduced Kiribati based customs, myths and legends are covered.

For someone who professes to know the customs of our people, you must realise under our cultural law known as 'ti rii ni banaba' you only have a right to talk on behalf of your I-Kiribati heritage and have no understanding or right to speak on behalf of ours. You should also be aware of the fact that as Clan Spokesman it is my inherited role with a training period of over 30 years and duty to speak on behalf of my elders regarding these matters, which we deem to be of great signifance to the future of our people. As my Elders have often said - 'the truth is just that - THE TRUTH!'

Unfortunately for many of our younger generations throughout the Pacific, they have to leave their traditional communities at an early age in their quest for western educations and the only link they will ever have to their people back home is what they learn from so called reference books and material available over the internet. That is why you as a fellow Pacific Islander living abroad should be very aware of your responsibility when professing to be an expert on a multitude of Pacific Islands especially in the very sensitive areas of CULTURE, CUSTOMS and TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE. If your site is, 'used extensively by educational institutions' as you suggest, then you must do it properly and not only get your facts straight but also quote 'sources' and recognize copyright issues when using other people's material.

Your experience of growing up on Banaba has nothing to do with our Banaban customs, culture and traditional history of our people. The FACT is that after we were removed to Rabi and up until the cessation of mining in 1979, Banabans were not allowed to set foot on their homeland without the written permission of the Colonial government. Therefore your information on this subject must come from others. In November 1997 I conducted a taped interview with Harry and Honor Maude, who were widely published during the Colonial period. I raised this very topic and they explained how these misinterpretations were generated. All the details relating to this have know been published to finally 'set the record straight'.

The FACT is that we, the Banabans through no fault of our own today live under the governance of two separate Pacific island nations, Kiribati in the Central Pacific and Fiji in the South Pacific. Thankfully since our exile to Rabi after World War 2 in 1945 the Fijian people have always respected our Banaban identity. As a fellow Pacific Islander who professes to know these wonderful Pacific island customs please also show our people the respect they rightly deserve and stop confusing Banaban identity with matters that only relate to the political manipulation of a minority people and their fellow Pacific Islanders for the justification and benefit of man’s greed.

The FACT is that we can rightly call ourselves I-Kiribati or Fijian or even Australian now for that matter, but regardless of what other Pacific blood ties we may all inherit in our life’s journey the fact is that - I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE A BANABAN!


Ngkei bon m ngai ae Na Ken ae katea te web site aio itukia I-Banaba ma raora aika kan reitaki ma ngaia, te bwai ae ikan ataia bwa antai ae kateea aain.

Ngkana tao bon ngkao ao katereke raoi bwa na kinako.

Ken (Raobeia) Sigrah



Dame Jane Resture, Ph.D.

09 January 2003

I feel rather saddened to read the entry below from Paulo Vanualailai, particularly in his garbled endeavours to distract from what I wrote in my entry. The questions that I raised in my previous entry are important ones and need to be addressed by the people concerned. The nonsense that was written by Paulo Vanualailai does little credit to anybody. Again, I am rather saddened that the significant issues that I raised were ignored and an entry completely devoid of logic or commonsense was used to try and distract from what I wrote. Where, for example, did I mention 'Scientists'? Is this the best that you can do?

Ngai, bon Nei Tiein

Paulo Vanualailai

09 January 2003
Jane, let me kindly welcomed you to our website and please do not be too alarmed at the comments that Ken or whoever wrote that piece of information. Infact for your information, it written precisely as it is, not as a condemnation to your writings but as a suggestion to anyone who would like to write on our behalf as sanctioned by our elders, in the lieks of Ken, that they cannot distort the truth of our cultural beliefs.

Just be reading your so-called “frequently visited Banaban website by scientists “ leaves nothing but a mockery of science itself! How can you claim that Scientists appreciated your website when there is hardly any scientific proof to your claims. One has to see your writings once and would immediately fathom how very little and naïve your scientific knowledge you have on Geology and the Earth’s tectonic movements of Banaba:

For example you claimed “Sand was washed from distant shores and formed beaches” is nothing but a mere quotation of someone else’s own version on the scientific explanation about the formation of Banaba. This is such a nonsense stuff when you consider the wave’s and ocean mechanical properties, everybody knows that Banaba lies hundreds of kilometers to any nearest islands, so the probability of sand transportation is just out of the blue. Moreover the ocean’s water movements is dynamic only on the surface yet what you see is only mass (energy) being transported through the form of waves, as for the deeper and bottom boundary condition of the ocean, there is very less movement and remain the same (static) unless some gigantic subterranean movements like big earthquakes, strong underwater currents and tectonic shifts of earth plates can offset the static balance of the bottom boundary conditions resulting in slight shifts of subterranean sands, but that again is way of the mark due to the strong deep water pressures that do not allow for such movements. Therefore sands transportation in deep ocean is a myth! Since they are heavy particles that literally sinks to the bottom of the oceans” It keeps me wondering where did you quote sources from?

I suggest that you should once again quote your sources as Ken had indicated and maybe you should really re-assess your version of the scientific formation of Banaba! Well you should know better than anyone, especially with you a Ph.D. level of education, you need not to be told of this and remember plagarism is a sin to empirical reasoning.

Thanking You


Dame Jane Resture, Ph.D.

08 January 2003
Kam na bane ni mauri! I hope that everybody has had a most enjoyable festive season.

As an I-Kiribati, I feel that the time has now come for me to comment on the following entry, below, previously made in this Banaban Guest Book, supposedly by my very own cousin, Raobeia Ken Sigrah. There are a number of aspects about this entry that are very inconsistent with our Banaban and Kiribati custom, in addition to a number of unsubstantiated claims and misrepresentations. I suppose that one benefit has been that a large number of people came to examine my Banaban Web sites and subsequently contacted me to say that these Web sites are the best and most balanced Banaban Web sites on the Internet. They are used extensively by educational institutions and many others, including our own people studying overseas, who appreciate the benefit of my own experiences on Banaba, in addition to the wide range of reference material used to prepare the Web sites. In this respect, I am most surprised that, somebody proporting to represent the Banaban community, should ignore the custom of our people in writing this misleading information below. As we all know, there is no credibility in making these wild unsubstantiated statements about another Kiribati person or any other person for that matter. These comments do nothing to promote the common cause of our people and, indeed, the motivation of the author in making these statements is very open to question. Indeed, we are quite entitled to have a differing opinions as long as they are soundly based and are part of a healthy debate about our people, our history, our culture, etc. and our future. There is no place for hatred, insinuations, defamations and divisions.

I would appreciate it greatly if my dear cousin, Ken, to contact me via this page or personally, and explain, if he can, what if anything, is wrong with my Banaba Web sites, and why on earth I was condemned for writing it. I would also like to know why our custom was ingnored in that this condemnation was placed publicly in order to try and undermine the value of the contribution of a fellow I-Kiribati to the objective promotion of Banaba to a worldwide audience.

Indeed, if I may, I would like to ask who actually wrote this entry. Perhaps, Ken would be kind enough to contact me in our own language so that I know that it is he I am talking to, and not a ghost writer. As a Pacific Islander, it is my underlying feeling that the text below is not something that would be written by one of our own people but rather by an outsider who does not know or appreciate our beautiful customs. Should this be the case, then this reflects very badly not only on my dear cousin, Ken, but on all Pacific Island people. There is simply no room for this kind of attitude problem if we are to be successful in ensuring a decent future for all our people.Thank you very much and thank you everybody for your time.

May we all have peace and happiness for 2003 and may our good Almighty God bless us all !

Kam bati n rabwa ao Ti a manga boo moa. Ami bwai Te Mauri, Te Raoi ao Te Tabomoa! Kam na bane n tekeraoi ma ni kabwaia n taai nako. Ngai bon raomi ae Nei Tiein.

Raobeia Ken Sigrah
Gold Coast
24 February 2002
I would like to bring it to the attention of all those wanting to learn abour Banaban history that there is another Banaba/Banaban website administered by a Jane Resture that gives a FALSE history about the Banabans. We as Banabans have our own identity and heritage that has been well preserved amongst true Banabans. Jane's information has been taken straight from the writings of Maude, especially THE BOOK OF BANABA. Though the recent release of "TE RII NI BANABA - The Backbone of Banaba" the true history of our people has finally been published in line with our elders and Banaban community wishes.
I therefore would like to stress that I as a Banaban, clan speaker and historian condemn this false history on behalf of the Banaban people.
For those who want to learn true Banaban history please contact me or visit our website


brynley king
04 January 2003
Dear Mummy I love your website it is very nice to see you have spent time on these people who need things that we have.
You are a real insparation to our family and friends.
love always binnie....

P.S. Ken I love you


Rachel and Nathan Hale
04 January 2003
Hello Rabi just found out about your website from a friend so We thought we'd write. We were on Rabi a few times 1998-2000. We helped build the Seventh-day Adventist church on the north side in June 99. We got to spend some wonderful time with the Banaban people there They treated us to they're traditional dance which we have on viedotape it's wonderful!! We were wondering about a young boy about 18 then named Jacob, where is he now and what is he doing? He was very smart and had alot of potential! Would love to come back soooon! Maybe this summer we can make it. God bless you all and keep in touch if possible. Thank you Rachel& Nathan. PS we have some great pictures of Rabi.


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