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From Everyone at BHS Inc. Office

22 December 1996
Please "click on" -
to view our Official Christmas Greeting to All Our members.
Thanks to Raubane Kirimaua USA for the idea!

Itinikua Kauabanga

21 December 1996
MAURI ngkami taan wareware n reken te Kiritimati ao ai te ririki ae boou '97
Ai taeka ni katekeraoi nakoimi n ami tabo nako aika a kakaokoro ake kam mena iai. Bon te katekeraoi ma iriana are te inga ae bati ao ai iriami ana itamaomao te Xmas ae TE MAURI, ana tianaki te ririki '96 ae TE RAOI ao ai butimwaean te ririki ae boou '97 are TE TABOMOA.


Tia boo moa!!!

Stacey King - Secretary
Banaban Heritage Society
02 December 1996

New Council Elections were held on Rabi on the 30th. November. The Society would like to congratulate the following eight new Councillors -

Tabwewa: Nei Makin Karoro & Mr. Iakoba Karutaake
Uma: Mr. Frank Christopher & Mr. Teatu Moutu
Tabiang: Mr. John Teaiwa & Mr. Bauro Kabure
Buakonikai: Mr. Tebaruru Baoa & Mr. Bureia Fiamalosi

Keep an eye on "What's New!" for all the latest developments.

Fung Chin Yung
02 December 1996
I just wanted to add my email address as - the above . Thanks.

02 December 1996
Hi,I was born at Ocean Island at 1960 , at the time My father was a worker of BBC , we are one of the chinese family at the time around 1959 to 1968 yrs. I wonder if any person know my father FUNG HON KEE . Ijust want to refresh my memories , do any one h ave more details to give? Do anyone have any recent photos taken from Banaba? please contact. Thanks

Sam Kaima
01 December 1996
It is a good start and I hope more of such will develop to bring together Pacific islanders who have been misplaced under `colonial pressure' in the past. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Tito Vanualailai

04 November 1996
Been following closely the plight of the Banabans. This superb site is indeed helpful.
University of the South Pacific Suva, Fiji.

129 University Drive, Newcastle
04 November 1996
Mauri mai irou ngai te "BERUVIAN". From the beautiful city of Newcastle. Fakalofa atu from Niue, my wife's island. We got married in Banaba last holiday - August '96. I'll catch you up later. Tia bo. Te kamauri mai irouia kain Kiribati mai Newcastle aika Terry, Meme Rota Onorio. Dan-fung Ng-kam ho. Tetobi Mariko. Kaaro Metai. Metai ao ai ara unaine ae Teamita Uriam.

2 Malta Street, Shorland
04 November 1996
Kam na bane ni mauri mani bwanaan Newcastle. E bati n rabwa te homepage aei bwa e a manga karekei nnera ngaira kaain Kiribati ao Banaba. Ai bon te kamauri nakoia raora ni I-Kiribati and friends. Greetings to you all! Hope to meet new friends from aroun d the world on this home-page. Te Mauri, Te Raoi ao te Tabomoa iaora ni bane.

Katerina Martina Teaiwa
Honolulu, Hawaii
04 November 1996
ko na mauri!

Dr Ueantabo Neemia-Mackenzie & Rakeiti Mackenzie
University of Canterbury, Christchurch
New Zealand
22 October 1996
I have been observing this homepage since it was first posted. I congratulate you Stacey for putting together such a fine web page, and for maintaining it. I am sure most will agree that this web page is one of those that are regularly updated. Keep up th e good work Stacey and ko na kabwaia.

Gregory and Maaman Keeble
Upper Hutt
New Zealand
21 October 1996
Mauri O! Maaman and I married 10 years ago on Tarawa. We look forward to celebrating our marriage by joining your homecoming to Banaba. We look forward to meeting family and friends. Te Mauri, Te Raoi, Te Tabemoa Iaomi. Tiabo.

Al Girard
Edmonton, Alberta
20 October 1996
I want to say congratulations and thanks to those who have
assembled this site.
Information on the Pacific on the internet is still sparse,
and sites such as this provide a valuable service.
I invite those interested in the Pacific to visit my web page
where I have assembled a Pacific Islands section. Of course
a link to the Banaba page is included there.

Timau TIRA
18 October 1996
Kona mauri ngkoe are ko wareka au rongrongo aei.My name is
Timau.I am a postgraduate student at University of Canbera.
This is my first year.My congratulation to the person who has created
this marvelous web page.It is a wonderful opportunity to share
some common interest about Kiribati with other people around the
world.Should you have any information or literature on
Kiribati culture particularly on the epsitemological base,cultral
outcomes and cultural reproduction,I be would grateful to share
it with you.Ko bwati n rabwa.Am bwai TE MAURI,TE RAOI AO TE TABOMOA.


Fairy Meadow, Wollongong
10 October 1996
Kam na mauri, talofa, bula vinaka, wantok, konnichiwa, maloe lelei,
I'm really happy to see the web page about Kiribati which I don't expect...:)
I think it is a good way to contact friends from other parts of the world and to introduce new friends who want to know about Kiribati.
Therefore I am thankful to those who contribute to the making of this site!!
I'll be a part of your project in working on this page.I also willing to contribute about Kiribati information as required.
Ami bau TE MAURI, TE RAOI, AO TE TABOMOA n ami waaki...
Te inga ae bati mai irouia kain Kiribati mai Wollongong
aika Eriita Temai ma ana utu ao ai te roronga ae Itinikua (Easy)..ehh..

Dr Jonathan Ingram
05 October 1996
I was born on Ocean Island. My father is Maurice Ingram was
a doctor on Ocean Island for some years around 1950.

It is very interesting to see this site. I shall follow it

Manabu Kitaguchi -
03 October 1996
My name is Manabu Kitaguchi. I visited Banaba Is. this March. I saw a
lot of things at that time and met many people and took photos and VCR for a documentary on the Banabans.
I love the Banabans and I study their history and what happened to them on Banaba during WWII. I start to publish the Banaba/Ocean Island Newsletter for the Society in Japanese in my country in Japan.
I wish to exchange information about WWII in the South Pacific . Please make contact with me on my e-mail.
I stayed with Ms.Stacey M. King's family this February. She and her family are so beautiful. I wish to invite them to my country some day.
Manabu Kitaguchi
Japanese Representative - Banaban Heritage Society Inc.

Ashley Lansley
21 September 1996
Supurb job Tracey.
HI, Im Ashley (27) son of Gordon Lansley who was assistant Harbour Master on Banaba from roughly 1973-1979. Give and take the odd return to Australia. I must admit calling up this web site and looking at the names gave me a bit of a shiver. I was a chi ld on Banaba during the 70's. With many fond and powerful memories. Myself and brother Darryl (24) are both booked for next years trip - and looking forward to it. For those who know my family we have resided in Perth since leaving Banaba. Gordon Lans ley is the General Manager for P&O Ports WA & NT. I myself did 6 years in the navy as a Hydrographic Surveyor. On finishing my service I totally changed direction and are in the final stages of becoming a Employment Advocate - someone specialising in em ployment Law. Darryl is a qualified mechanic and now works for P&O Ports. Last but not least mum - Heather supports us all. The last couple of months on Banaba are most vivd memories especially watching your house destroyed for the phosphate underneath . If anyone would like to communicate with me or my family - please feel free to e-mail.

Avi Gold

18 September 1996
Greetings and Shalom from the city of Be'er Sheva! Here in Israel we celebrated Rosh Hashana (the New Year) this week, and so, I'd like to wish you all SHANA TOVA UMETUKA! (Or in English, HAVE A GOOD SWEET YEAR!) Shalom uveraxa, (Peace and blessings) Avi

Janet Lapsley
16 September 1996
I was born on Ocean Island in 1972 and moved to Australia in 1979.
My mother (Raratu Ratieta) is Gilbertese and my father (Ian Lapsley)
is English. My mother is still actively involved in the Melbourne
Gilbertese community and is in touch with many of the us.
I am very interested to get in touch with anyone who was on Ocean
Island around this time. It is a part of my life I remember little about.

Stacey King, Secretary
Banaban Heritage Society
16 September 1996
Mauri & Welcome back to our site Fields. Good to see you back again. As you may have noticed there have been a lot of new changes to our Page. With regards to 'MAPS' - Yes! There are plenty of maps available under our new "MAP" section on our main "Noti ce Board" directory.
To all our visitors who aren't already aware - many "KEY" words can be found in general text and on virtually every page in the site. Just look for the words colour highlighted and underlined. If you "Click On" these KEY words you will be taken to an ap propiate link with more background information, maps, photos, direct email access etc. On most linked pages you will find a "HOME" or "BACK" key to speed up navigation through the site.
Please feel free to offer suggestions on how we can improve our site.
We're currently working on a "FRIENDS ABROAD!" page. If you would like to leave a short message about your interests regarding the Banabans or areas of interest in the Pacific, and your email address, and any further information eg. if you would like fri ends of the Society to contact you if they are passing through your country, please contact me at our Society Office with details. Since this site was began it has become apparent that there are small pockets of Banaban and Kiribati populations living ab road, with a keen interest in preserving their Cultural heritage. We hope this page will offer the hand of friendship and support to those living so far from home and who are fortunate enough to be email connected.
Regards & ti akabo!

Fields Jackson
15 September 1996
I made it back here after a long time away.

Tou know what you really need online here?

A map! (Unless it is here and I missed it!)
To show us folks that are not from the Southern Hemisphere exactly where it is that the Banabans live.


Bruce Hollihan
Kauai, Hawaii
13 September 1996
It is very nice to see internet activity in the Pacific Islands region.
I am Vice President of the Kauai Macintosh User Group - Are any of you Macintosh users?
Incidentally, I am not adverse to the Windows operating system.
A hui ho,

Steve Iwanski

07 September 1996
I lived in Kiribati from 1979 to 1984, and my wife Buaua (Williams) is I-Kiribati. I noticed your site is Australian.
I'm looking for an old Kiribati friend - an Australian that worked in the Gilberts - Nick Wardrop - last address was Melbourne. His wife is
I-Kiribati and he was active with the Gilbertese community in Autralia.


Steve Iwanski

Stacey King, Secretary
Banaban Heritage Society Inc.
05 September 1996
To all those wishing more information, please don't forget to leave your
Email address here on the Message Board, or Email our Office Direct at -
The Latest Updates for the HOMECOMING TRIP & COMMUNICATIONS PROJECT have just gone up - Look to 'What's New' on the main Notice Board to access the information quickly.
There will be be more great News shortly about our Latest Project -
COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR RABI HIGH SCHOOL which has just officially started and is receiving great support and backing. Keep an eye on 'What's New' for the details.

john kimbauer

05 September 1996
please send more information on banaba 1997 trip.

Paul & Susan Darveniza
Gold Coast
01 September 1996
Hi stacey,
Keep up the good work !

Michael Guest
31 August 1996
Just wanted to link to my personal page. Please follow
up the link to Muenster University, Germany, if you're
interested. Don't worry about a tiny bit of Japanese
text appearing as numbers, dots and squiggles. Best

Michael Guest
31 August 1996
Thank you for your message some time ago, informing me
of your association. I put in a prominent link on a
PACIFIC BRIDGES server that I have been maintaining for
some time. I hope you have had forwarded visits. A
reciprocal link might be nice. I wonder whether we might
work together on something, involving Japanese University
students with an interest in the Pacific. (The initial
Pacific Bridges Server was only intended as a short-term
information system for a Pacific rim culture conference,
based in California. The details are on the server. I think
that there may be more possibilities, however.)

Mark Constable
Gold Coast
15 August 1996
Hello to all the Banaban supporters, here's hoping the
trip to Banaba next year is successful.

Susan McDonald (nee Wills)
11 August 1996
Hi to all my fellow Banabans. I was born on Ocean Island on 8/7/47 to Harry and Queenie Wills. Harry was employed by BPC, and Queenie is .25 Gilbertese. Harry is now dead, but Queenie is living with me and enjoys relative good health.
Never a day goes by that I don't think of Banaba, and I long to return there.

Henry P. Lundsgaarde

United StatesCongratulatio
31 July 1996
Congratulations! You have created a very fine
and informative web page. I hope you can find
the reources to connect with the local residents
in both Kiribati and Tuvalu who share the society's
interests in the past and concerns about the future.

Barerei Rota Onorio
25 July 1996
My wife Ahling Namakin is from Rambi and her family elder Nei Teari is from Rambi

Stacey King, Secretary
Banaban Heritage Society Inc.
25 July 1996
'HOMECOMING TRIP 1997' BOOKINGS! All cabins are now fully booked out
Only 90 'on-deck' tickets left... so return your 'Booking Form' as soon
as possible so you don't miss out! For Australian and U.K. travellers Air
Concession rates will be available via Brisbane. More details will be
made available late Jan'97.

Helen Slater Ballou
Washington State
23 July 1996
I would like to post a notice on you board to find a young man born on Canton Island about Februar, 1954. How do I go about getting a notice on your wonderful board? Please e-mail me. Thanks

Robert Roberts
United States
20 July 1996
Great to see this page detailing a wonderful culture. Very interesting and very informative. Robert Roberts Author and Site Maintainer or Micronesia Zone:

Bruce Edwards
Canberra, ACT
15 July 1996
Ko na mauri to all

In response to Lewis Pritchard's query, my father recalls
Mr Pritchard, and tells me that Lillian Hardman (a good friend
of the family from Banaban days) still keeps in touch.

I was born on Banaba in 1972, coming to Australia in 1974 after
Dad finished up with BPC.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Bantamarna, from Tabiteuea
or Timeon from Beru?

Ti akabo

Dan Bridges

12 July 1996
I'm Stacy's brother. You can see a picture of me in the
community library with a wonderful person, Diamond Teke.
Helping in the library for a few days during my first
trip to Rabi for the 50th Anniversay Celebrations was a
great experience. It was heartwarming to see how much the
books were appreciated. I can tell you that anything you
contribute will be put to good use (not wasted paying the
saleries of aid workers).

The other special person I'd like to mention here is Rubena,
the principal of Rabi High School. She is a very impressive
and dynamic woman.

I feel I can never repay the generosity shown to my family
by Kaiea and Tatauea Bakanebo and by Moi-Matung ("Moe") Nenem.
But I'm going to try.

Dick Overy

New Zealand
02 July 1996
Kam Na Mauri Kain Banaba mai irouia Kain Kiribati iaon Nu Tiran

Stacey King
Gold Coast
21 June 1996
WOODY! Ko na mauri & Ko raba (Greeting & Thanks) for your enquiry regarding our latest projects.
You didn't leave your Email address for a personal reply to your

Work will begin on an update of our Web site within the next few weeks,
and our latest projects will be advertised. We are keen to get
people with specific skills involved with our Society who can assist us
with our work and especially with projects currently in progress on Rabi
and the homeland.

If you would like all the Latest updates on our work and current topical
issues we are working on, our lastest edition of the 'Banaba/Ocean Island
News' has just been published. This issue is a special bumper 'HEALTH'
issue and we have an excellent article on ideas for 'Rehabilitation of the homeland'
by Earth Scientist - Jonathan Wills-Richards, the Health Survey conducted
on Rabi by our Japanese members, and also traditional Banaban Medicine
and all the information about our special "HOMECOMING TRIP 1997" next year.
Bookings are now being taken and only 200 tickets will be available!

Due to the size of our publication and the graphical content of the
newsletter, we are unable to issue an Email version at this stage.
If you would like to receive a FREE sample edition, please Email our
office and we will post it off to you.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming new Web site pages - Coming Soon!

Ti akabo!


20 June 1996
I've only read a little about this project, but is sounds worthwhile.
I would like to become more familiar with your current situation, progress, and future
goals, perhaps I may be of future assistance.

Lewis Pritchard

13 June 1996
Hi all!

My father was born on Ocean Island (sorry, Banaba). Have
there been many white people born there? I wonder whether
there might be anyone among the Banabans who would remember
him. (Hm... probably not, since he's ov back to Nauru, Tarawa, Funafuti, Rabi, and Suva. If you would like to join us
on this Special journey please contact the Society Office -
I look forward to meeting you!

ti akabo rimwi!

Antiera Reeu
New Zealand
30 May 1996
Having spent my childhood on Banaba, I have found your page excellent.
My father was a Mechanic on Banaba for over 20 years and did not leave until 1980.
Reeu is now retired and is living on Tarawa.

Jonathan Willis-Richards
09 May 1996
Kam na mauri, tao kam tangira naba n noria te WWW page ibukin Kiribati!

Timeon(like Simeon)Ioane.
Honolulu, Hawaii.(Aloha everyone!)
Kiribati, south central Pacific.
10 April 1996
In case anyone is wondering why my address is in Hawaii, it's because i'm presently studying at UH, University of Hawaii. Anyway, I would like to thank the Banaban Heritage Society, especially Stacey for putting Banaba on the www. I have not read everything on the banaban page so i won't comment until next time. Tia kabo, bye and God bless.

Nigel Derby

From NZ, living in UK
10 April 1996
Congrats. on your Web Page. It's great. I was actually hunting for a Kiribati Web Page I had heard aboout. I lived on Tarawa 85-87 and was interested in making contact. I found "Niitsumaa Lab's Kiribati Home Page" but my Mosaic Server wouldn't look it up. The addrss is " Can anyone help me get on to this page?

Steven McLachlan
New Zealand
06 April 1996
Good to see an Australian idea thats a good one. Well done with the Web page.

Robert Doiel
02 April 1996
It is a very interesting Page. It is good to see more pages from the pacific basin. Keep up the good work.

Stacey King
27 March 1996
WELCOME! To the launch of our Banaban Web site... We look forward to your comments and messages from around the World. We hope over the next few weeks to make our site more interactive by including more images and historical documents that will take you o n a real journey of discovering Banaban Culture and History.

Mark Constable
Gold Coast
21 March 1996
Just an initial test of the Banaban message board.





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