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Ron hall
31 December 1997
Happy Christmas and New Year.
A very good site. We are interested in the history etc of a Pacific Island for a story and decided to choose Banaban. I have been nearby in the past but not actually on the island. Still...


29 December 1997

Stacey King - BHS Inc.
Gold Coast
23 December 1997
Please "Click On here... "

to view this year's Official Christmas Greetings to all our Members & Visitors.

This card will be active for the next 30 days.

Felicity Bellini

20 December 1997
Hi Stacey and Ken

Hope you have a merry Christmas - we would have sent a card
but did not want to send it to your home address

Felicity & Michael

Stacey King - Secretary BHSInc.
Gold Coast
17 December 1997
Our current issue of "Banaba/Ocean Island News" Christmas Issue No. 27 is running a little behind schedule and should be in the mail to you be either late December or early January.
May you have a very Happy Christmas for 1997
Mauri nte Kiritimati aei 1997


Sydney, NSW
22 November 1997
Patrick Boutu, Bula! Se caka tikoga na voli madrai mai na
Harbour Centre?

Stacey King - Secretary, BHSInc.
Gold Coast
21 November 1997
I would like to express our "Kaitau" "Sincerest Thanks" to fellow Society members - Alan and Gayle McCarthy and their family, Anna, Jessica, and John for a wonderful warm country welcome they gave us on our recent research trip to Canberra. We all had th e pleasure of spending a night with the McCarthy's in their Tamworth home on the way back from Canberra. Alan is a keen and knowledgeable COASTWATCHER historian and has offered his services to work on our Executive Committee. It's good to see Alan as a New Zealander eager to get involved.

darryl lansley

16 November 1997
hello to all still living on ocean island

Ken Sigrah - Banaban Representative - BHSInc.
13 November 1997
I'm currently in Canberra with Society Secretary, Stacey King, and our Japanese representative - Manabu Kitaguchi to research a book I am writing about Banaban history. While here I met up with retired Professors, Ron Lampert & Jack Colsen on Monday 10th . Nov '97 to discuss the TE AKA village archeological dig of 1965. I am very happy and excited to annouce that during my visit I was given the complete file on the dig including photographs, maps, report findings, etc. and even the actual relics and arti facts taken from the dig were returned to me. One of the best surprises though was the actual return of ancestors bones that had also been removed during the excavation of the site. I now anxiously await to advise my Clan Elders back on Rabi of this his torical event and am sure they will be keen to see our ancestors remains returned to the old village site back on Banaba. Meanwhile I will prepare a full report on our memorable Canberra trip for the next issue of the Banaba/Ocean Island News No. 27.

Tia kabo!

Ken Sigrah

Gavan Connell
Not connected yet
11 November 1997
Son of Bryan and Florence Connell, brother of Peter and Margaret. Our family lived on Banaba off and on from the late 1930's to 1959 when we moved to Nauru. My phone number is 03 62664547 in case anybody who may remember me wants to get in touch.

tia ka bo


08 November 1997
Hi! I was just wondering if there would be anyone out there in Kiribati that would be interested in becoming penpals.
We can write through either or both e-mail or snailmail. I am a girl from the Philippines, who's very interested in learning more about
Kiribati, its people and culture. I'd prefer writing to females between the ages of 13 and 27. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

Clarice Husain (nee Meta Corrie)
Vancouver, Canada
04 November 1997
Stacey, this is an awesome site. I loved reading all the
messages (even last year's). I would love to find my relatives
in Kiribati and Rabi. I was born in Fiji and have lived in
Vancouver now for 24 years. My grandfather (Alec Corrie) was
half Gilbertese/Scottish. His first wife was full Gilbertese
and his children and grandchildren I have never met or know
anything about them. My mother's family (Simons) are also in
Kiribati. My cousin Catherine Tekanene (nee Simon) still live
in Tarawa. If anyone out there knows of any of the above
please e-mail me. I only listed my web site (which is a
business site) just to fill the blank space. I'm in the
process of creating a more personal site and will submit it
when completed. Hats off to you Stacey for a wonderful site.
Cheers for now. Clarice (Meta)

Jana Springer Behe
New York
21 October 1997
I am currently a student at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY USA. I am considering writing my senior thesis on the racism and construction of racial ideologies in Australia past and present. I would appreciate any and all input from anyone concerning this subject. If you would like to mail me:
CPU BOX 275750
ROCHESTER, NY 14627-5750

or e-mail :

thank you very much

Alan McCarthy
11 October 1997
My computor had a corony and i had to get a new email address so if any body wants to get in touch with me about my article about the coastwatchers or have tried with the old email please get in touch with me on the new one thanks

Jan Kennedy
Dont Know
08 October 1997
Isn't it a pain when you're an Internet Ignoramus?

Stacey King, Secretary BHS Inc.
Gold Coast
22 September 1997

It is with great sadness that we announce the untimely passing of Nei Aie Touakin, the beloved Mother of our Rabi Correspondent, Kaiea Bakanebo Banto, Nei Tena, Nei Karawa, Nei Teborou, Nei Makin all of Rabi, Island Nei Teri Bridges, Australia Temare A wira, Tarawa, the late Kaioka Nanton, of Rabi,

Aii had just reached her 72nd.birthday and made the epic journey back to her beloved homeland of Banaba on the recent HOMECOMING Trip. It was a wonderful experience to accompany Aii and see the look on her face when she sighted Banaba after not setting f oot on the island for more than 50 years. I was fortunate to spend two weeks with her on Banaba and then another few days back on Tarawa at her daughter Temare's home. She also recorded a wonderful interview with BBC TV which will go to air in the UK ne xt year.

Aii had stayed behind at her daughter's home in Tarawa awaiting her Visa application to be processed for her trip to Australia to visit her youngest daughter - Teri, who is now living in Brisbane and awaiting the birth of her first child in November.

Our Deepest Sympathy go to all her family. She will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her.

Stacey King
on behalf of the
Banaban Heritage Society

Fred Doutch
14 September 1997
My dad (and I'm 70 years old) took the 1914-15 photos mentioned in the Bibliography. He never said anything about his time on Ocean Island to his family, who would be fascinated to hear anything anyone may remember about him. Honor and Harry Maude - how d id you come by the photos? (I'm not about to claim ownership, copyright, royalties or anything else - just curious!) May Banabas fare well.

Manabu Kitaguchi
11 September 1997
I wrote my e-mail address yesterday but it was wrong. So sorry.Now Imeeting a lot of Japanese old solders in Japan who were been to Nauru,Banaba,Kiribati,Kosae and Micronesia during WWII. Some of them remembering the days very well. I rearry want to join with Ms.Stacey M King and all of my friends around the world. Now BBC TV director making TV programe in Japan about USA Military Bases in Japan. A lot of Japanese people saying USA GO HOME! espetialilly Okinawa people. I hope I want to join with TV prodac tion warkers from over seas because I can proide a lot of information written in English from point of grass roots revel.

Robert Moore
Kingdom Of EnenKio
10 September 1997


25 August, 1997

FROM: Robert Moore, Minister Plenipotentiary Phone: (808) 923 0476 Fax: (808) 923 0477



Despite repeated overtures to the United States Congress and the Clinton administration for a peaceful settlement of claims, a state of war continues to exist over control of the atoll commonly referred to as Wake Island. The weapons employed in this “co ld war” are pen and paper. The battleground is framed over a legacy of more than 2000 years of ownership, use and control by Marshallese ancestors of King Murjel Hermios, First Monarch of the Kingdom and Paramount Chief of the Northern Atolls of the Rata k Archipelago. The battle formally began in 1993.

Over the course of the decade, the Kingdom has established its autonomy by asserting allodial and traditional rights of the King under universal principles of human rights, the common law, international law and articles of the United Nations Charter. No threat has been made to the security of the United States and no resistance has been encountered. A similar atmosphere of disregard by world news and other media reverberates hollow. In fact, “de facto” recognition via correspondence from U.S. agencies and officials and diplomatic recognition from foreign states during the past four years would fill a volume.


The government of the Kingdom is in possession of substantial assets it is willing to market to secure funding for peaceful settlement of the conflict with the United States. They are available to be used as collateral to secure a development loans or to be converted to negotiable financial instruments.

Prime banks in Pacific Rim nations, Europe or South America are now encouraged to assist the government of the Kingdom with their development through one of the following:

I. Debt Collateralization - a very substantial debt has been perfected against the United States Department of Interior in the hundreds of millions (US).
II. Treasury Bill - a bill in the amount of 3.7 million (US) is available for immediate funding.
III. Contract Obligation - under a treaty with a South Pacific state, a contract was signed in which the Kingdom will receive 10% of all revenue derived from a major commercial and financial development project in the North Pacific.
IV. War Bonds - the Kingdom has a program to issue bearer bonds backed by assets or gold and traded in world markets outside U.S. jurisdiction.
V. Gold Stamps - the inaugural issue of gold stamps is in the final stages of production. Several remarkably unique features are designed into the stamps to make them very collectible and affordable. Sales are based on daily fix on the New York exchange market for gold bullion.
VI. Programs - specific developments include:
A. international spaceport
B. international free trade zone
C. fisheries
D. maritime services
E. mineral exploration and recovery
F. satellite and telecommunications
G. nuclear waste eradication
H. financial, trust and fiduciary services

For more information, see the web site of the Kingdom:

Please direct specific inquiries for particulars to the USA Legation of the Kingdom by phone or fax, or mail to Post Office Box 8441, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 96830.

Sincerely yours,

We would like to Open Relations with your Leaders.

Manabu Kitaguchi
Chiba / Japan
09 September 1997
We had very good time with Banaban Dancing group in Japan just after came back from beautiful trip to Banaba, Kiribati with Stacey King and my wife Noriko. Home coming Trip was so great for me . I can not forget about that forever. Mr. Jeremy from BBC TV/ UK now visiting Japan. Jeremy, Noriko and I had beautiful dinner in Tokyo last week end. All of Japanese people who watched Banaban Dance were so surprised and moved. They try to invite them to Japan again because they really falling love with Banabans. So many Japanese news papers informed about Banaban people and their history. Now Banabans became most famous ethnic group in my country from Pacific. Ainu people and Okinawan people who are indigenous people in Japan were company with Banaban Dancing Group in Japan days. I reported something about Banaba to the Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities. I want keep touch with all of BHS members around world. Best regards.9/9/1997

Alan McCarthy
Kootingal NSW 2352
09 September 1997
It was very interesting reading.I to have a interest up in Kiribati also. My uncle was beheaded on Betio in 1942 with 21 other men who were coastwatchers on islands throughout Kiribati. What the Japanese did to the island people and the coastwatchers is n othing but the truth.If anybody wants information email me. Keep up the good work.

Stacey King - Banaban Heritage Society Inc.
Gold Coast
07 September 1997

Nominations are now being called for the following Executive Committe postions for the year ending 1st. September, 1998.

Vice President
3 Committe members

Please send your nomination for any of the above positions via email at -

or ph/fax: (61) (0) 7 55 305298

or Mail:

Banaban Heritage Society Inc.
P.O. Box 536,
Mudgeeraba. Q. 4213

Martin Meloun
Czech Republic
02 September 1997

Hi Kiribati friends,
I am very happy to send regards from the heart of Europe, small country - Czech Republic.
I should like to ask all internet surfers for "daring" wish . I am very anxious collector of islands postcards. Next months I will have exhibitions in my school which have topic "Exotic geographic".
I have only 4 postcards which are relating to Kiribati Islands.
If you never mind and have temper to help me by sending some postcards relating to Kiribati Islands I will be very obliged to you.
As for payback I will be very delighted to send you some postcards from Czech Republic.
Thank you very much.

My address:
Martin Meloun
Na Brehu 27
190 00 Prague 9
Czech Republic

Helmut Juetersonke

17 August 1997
I am teacher of mathematics and geography here in Germany and my hobby is collecting picture postcards.
I currently have over 23 000 picture postcards from 210 countries and islands of the world.

I am looking for friends who can help me by supplying picture postcards from the Pacific region. Please contact me if you can help.


Stacey King - Secretary BHSInc.
Gold Coast
15 August 1997
Just to let you know I'm back in town after the HOMECOMING TRIP. We had lots of dramas on the trip, and the major one was when our charter ship the "KATIKA 1" didn't show up in Fiji because it went adrift with engine failure off Rotuma. Ended up in Sant os. It's a long story, but one that has a happy ending and many miracles that happened along the way to make our trip back to the homeland so wonderful!
I will endeavour to get something up on the site about our adventures as soon as I have cleared some of the backlog of email, snail mail, and sorted out the financial mess the "KATIKA" drama has left us in when we lost our $39,000AUD deposit. We still hav en't given up hope of recovering our money and will keep working on it now I'm back in Office.
Please be patient if you are waiting to hear from me as I will get back to you as soon as I can. Meanwhile if it is URGENT please email me again and I will try and get back to you ASAP.

Other exciting news is that Banaban Dancing Group from Rabi has just returned to Fiji after a very successful Dance Tour of Japan. They featured at the Ethnic Concert in Tokyo that celebrate the end of War in Japan and the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Congratulations to all concerned and our good friends in Japan. Also to the Rabi Dancing Group who accompanied us on the HOMECOMING to Banaba and Kiribati. Without the wondrful help of a very generous Japanese businessman and his lovely wif e who live in Nadi, they would have been able to realise their dream of visiting the homeland. I hope to write a full report on what was a real miracle on our trip in the next few weeks.

I don't think I will ever get back to my normal life style again... and the yearning to spend more time on Banaba again only grows stronger with each visit. Banaba and it's people is a truly magical place!


Terje "Terry" Dahl
15 August 1997
Never been to Banaba, but have friends and family who live/has been living there.
How come?
Take a look at my homepages!
All the best!

Norman William Bailey
6705 Silverthorne Circle
Sacramento, CA 95842-2641 USA
27 July 1997
I would like to help the CB radio project in the future. I will be in Savu Savu (011 679 850-372 voice or -344 FAX C/O Jerry Wittet-Fiji by Kayak)on Wednesday for a three week holiday. I would like to spend three months a year there and the expansion of t he CB project sounds like something good to do for the Fijiean people. COBRA, a USA manufacturer of CB equipment can be contacted for equipment at cost or perhaps donated for free if the publicity is good. I will be back in the USA on August 15, 1997. If you wish, please call at:
PCubid Computer Technology
address above
(916) 338-1339
(916) 338-4007 FAX or Email

Hector Alcock

21 July 1997
My father (same name as above) and mother were married on Ocean Island in 1939.
They later shifted to Tarawa. He was a teacher at that time at the King George 5th School.
I would be interested in hearing from anyone that can recall them.
We have many photos of these wonderful islands.

D. Reich
18 July 1997
A am a teacher in an elementary school. I am a lead teacher in our science program. Last August, there was an article in the Scientific American magazine on sand from different areas in the world. One specifically mentioned Tonga. I know that is not your area but would like to know if we could acquire sand samples from your part of the world. The samples could be as small as a cup. Please respond! the kids at my school are mapping where we receive sand from!

Bentuti Otang
New Zealand
16 July 1997
I am I-Kiribati with lots of relatives living in Rabi. I am now working and living in Wellington, New Zealand and married to a Kiwi woman.
I'm interested in keeping in touch with friends and relatives living in Rabi or any other parts of the world. I'd love to hear from you.
Kam na kabwaia ao Tia boo moa.


14 July 1997
Nakoia kain banaba
Kam na mauri!!
I a bon rimoa ni karautaeka ibukin kabonganan ami guest book
ni kan anga kamangorian ana inaomata Kiribati n te taeka ae uarereke
ae kangai: TE MAURI, TE RAOI AO TE TABOMOA n reken teinaomata
n te ririki aio.

Kam na kabwaia
Ngai te pure I-Kiribati ao tiaki tei banaba
te aomata ae ririba te kan kakaokoroaki bwa aongkoa
tiaki I-Kiribati ngkami...
Tia boo.

Cap'n Kermit Rydell
N. Pacific Ocean
Kingdon of EnenKio Atoll
11 July 1997
Please contact via e-mail if we have mutual concerns for advancement of commercial/political issues. Mahalo.

Nuno Santos
06 July 1997
I love Kiribati and I would like to get a one year job there

Stacey King
Secretary, BHS Inc.
16 June 1997
Hi Jean... you will find Jessie and friends under AID & DEVELPOMENT PROJECTS on Main Notice Board or go direct to

The HOMECOMING is leaving Suva either late pm 30/6 or 1/7 depending on tides etc., and ending Suva around 2 August. Chris Harris who wrote article was trying to contact me while I was away filming Japanese doco, and I don't know where he got August dates . He took most of the information from our site.
I fly out 28th.June, so site will be unattended over this period.

Have you got a return email address?

Regards to everyone down there!

jean edwards

15 June 1997
stacey - Jessie's disappeared ! Where have you put
the photo of her and the two Banaban kids in Suva?

jean edwards

15 June 1997
Is the Homecoming trip still in July
The article in New Internationist Magazine quotes August?

Stacey King - Secretary BHS Inc.

13 May 1997
We are currently looking for help finding SPONSORSHIP for our HOMECOMING Trip this July. We are especially looking for donations of food and provisions for our sea voyage and 7 day stay while on Banaba. If you have any ideas or would still like to join us aboard - It's still not to late as some tickets are still available from late cancellations. Please read our Corporate Sponsorship - PRESS RELEASE for more details, and to see what has already been organised for the event.


Manabu Kitaguchi

07 May 1997
The Banaban Documentary went to air on NHK TV in Japan 11am Monday morning the 5th. May. For more details please - Click Here- to read my press release.

Kathy Green

Washington state, USA
05 May 1997
A past college professor of mine (Dr. J. Flora) and his wife are on Abaiang at St. Joseph's College in Tabwirora village. I was wondering if anyone could pass along infromation to me about Abaiang, Tabwirora, the college etc.. Also is anyone online who could pass on messages to St. Josephs College and my friends? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Stacey King
Secretary, BHS Inc.

05 May 1997

-Click on here- for more details.

Iain Swan

04 May 1997
I visited Rambi in 1970 for two days with the daughter of the British Commisioner at the time. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who may have been there at the time. all the best Iain.

Noriko Kitaguchi(Hayashida before)
29 April 1997
Dear everybody, Banabans and Stacey! I am dreaming to meet all of yours again on Home Coming Trip. I have done Medical check up in Rabi island before. I was a nurse in Lautoka Hospital in Fiji. I have been to Rabi island once. The memory of visit to Rabi is one of my best one in my life. 5/5/1997 one of Japanese TV will introduce Banaban to Japanese people on TV. It was organized by Sacey M King and my husband Manabu Kitaguchi. Rabi island and Stacey is just like an angel orlCupid. I can not forget about all of yours and Rabi island forever.

glenn hansen
olinda victoria
25 April 1997
hi my father was ateacher on ocean island (as we new it then)
so unfortunately i guess our family were involved in what happened
during the 60-80's era but please dont hold that against me as i

was only 10 or 11 at the time
my memories of that most wonderous place has stayed with me
and will for all time.
i would appreciate any imformation on the activities of the people on banaba or
riba people. there is a possabiliy that i will be going to fiji at xmas
with people that know the islands well and i hope to cath up with afew childhood
friends if i cann find them.
many thanks for any imformation that you can provide

Teri Bridges

19 April 1997
Kam na mauri to all the Ikiribati currently studying in
Australia. Are you missing lots of fresh and dried fish?
I certainly am.

My mother is a Banaban while my father was Ikiribati (from
Tarawa and Abaiang). I don't know that much about my
father's side of the family but he has two sisters in Tarawa
who I've never met. My brother's name is Kaiea and I believe
it is a historical family name from Abaing. One of my sister's
name is Ruanamakin and I believe this is also a family name
from Abaiang. My father's name was Nanton Bakanebo.

Having been brought up in Rabi I learned much more about my
mother's side than I did about my father's. What little I did
learn about his side I found interesting and I would now
like to know more.

If you are coming up to Brisbane feel free to contact us.
My husband and I are happy to have visitors
from Kiribati and Rabi in our home. To the best of our
knowledge there are currently 9 other Ikiribati households
in Brisbane.

Kam na kabaia man tekeraoi nami waki ao tia kaitibo ikai
kana reke te tai. Ara kamauri ma ara inga ae moan te bati
na koimi ni bane.

Stacey King
Secretary - BHS Inc.

18 April 1997
Friday 18th. April
Just to let you all know that we have two very good contacts within Fiji Shipping Companies looking for a new ship for us. I'm hoping to hear word back from them by next week. Will keep you posted on developments via this board. Meanwhile, if anyone can also assist with information, we would love to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to contact me as soon as possible!
A determined - Stacey

Clive Freedman
15 April 1997
My house is called 'AKABO', and I wanted to know what it means. A search on the internet led me many times to the Banaban Web site.
Can you please enlighten me.

I wish you well with your trip to Banaba.
Clive Freedman

Tel: (44) 0171 831 8441 fax: (44) 0171 831 8479

Stacey King
Secretary - BHS Inc.

15 April 1997
As at pm 10/4/97

"The Lost of 'Masaamond' Charter' -Click on here- for more details.

Robert Moore
The Kingdom Of EnenKio Atoll
05 April 1997
News Release

Date: 31 March, 1997 Contact: Robert Moore
Phone: (808) 923-0476
Facsimile: (808) 923-0477
For information on our Latest Press Release visit our site -

Stacey King
Secretary - BHS Inc.

24 March 1997
Just to let you know that I have finally arrived home after 5 weeks travelling the Pacific, and an unexpected extra 2 week stopover in Tarawa and Fiji from delayed flights from all the cyclonic weather experienced around Tuvalu and Fiji. Sadly whilst stu ck in a hotel room in Tarawa for 10 days I received word of the sudden death of my mother in law, and then had to struggle to try and get home in time for the funeral.

Now that all this is behind me, and I'm finally adjusting to the shock of arriving home, after what surely has been the trip and adventure of a lifetime, I now have to finalise the HOMECOMING TRIP.
Since rechecking our current figures I now find that our shortfall currently sits at $18,700... which seem so close and yet so far. Meanwhile I have promised our Society representative - Manabu Kitaguchi in Japan, and our Banaban organisers that I would give them up to this Friday 28th. to confirm they are able to make up the numbers needed to meet our shortfall.

If the trip is to proceed there will also be changes to the original schedule which is to the betterment of all concerned. A proposed schedule is included here and you will note that the overall trip has been reduced to a total of approx. 5 weeks. I can assure you that the stopovers etc. have all been discussed and looked at in great detail, and I'm sure this new proposed Itinerary will suit the majority of our travellers.

1/7/97 Suva
2/7/97 Rabi (2 days)
3/7/97 Rabi
5/7/97 Funafuti(2 days)
7/7/97 Funafuti
11/7/97 Tarawa(2 days)
13/7/97 Tarawa
15/7/97 Banaba (7 days)
22/7/97 Banaba
23/7/97 Nauru (1 day)
24/7/97 Nauru
26/7/97 Tarawa
27/7/97 Tarawa
30/7/97 Funafuti
2/8/97 Suva
3/8/97 Rabi

I have also had the chance to visit the MAASAMOND and I can assure you it has to be one of the best and biggest ships in Kiribati today. My recent trip was made to Banaba in a 100ft fishing boat, and the MAASAMOND looks like a giant compared to it. Also it has a lot more space on deck for passengers to get comfortable. The idea of a large covered deck also is very inviting after my recent experience.

More details on my recent trip will be published in our next issue of the News which is now well and truly overdue. Another outcome of recent discussions regarding HOMECOMING was the idea of holding an International Conference and Workshop for some o f our participants and Rabi's new Councillors and key Banaban people who will now accompany us on the trip. Of course, attendance at our very Banaban style Conference is not compulsory, and I can assure you there will be plenty of other activities and interests to keep everyone occupied whilst on our Banaba stop over.

A message will be posted on the MESSAGE BOARD after our deadline on Friday (hopefully it will be good news) to confirm if the trip will go ahead or not. I once again thank all those who have offered their support in trying to get such a huge project off the ground. I can assure you from experience, that a stay on Banaba takes a big toll on your heart. Even our Japanese TV Crew were reduced to tears when leaving and vowed they felt compelled to return to the island again. I hope over the next few da ys to be able to put into words the affect a visit to Banaba has on your soul... it will be a very hard task and one I hope I can share with you all again in person if the dream of the HOMECOMING trip is realised.

Regards an exhausted,


24 March 1997
Just a test after fixing this guest book :)


Stacey King, Secretary - B.H.S.Inc.

12 February 1997
This site will be unattended between 12th. Feb - 15th. March, as I'm heading off with a Japanese Film Crew to Suva/Rabi/Tarawa and then across to Banaba for a 5 day visit on the homeland. With the help of our Society's Japanese Representative - Manabu Ki taguchi we are launching a major publicity and education program in Japan this year. A TV Documentary will go to air Sunday 20th. April on NHK Japan. Followed by a tour of Japan by 7 Banaban Dancers to coincide with Ethnic Day in August. Banaban's will also be represented at this event in Tokyo.
Many thanks to Manabu, Mr. Aoto (Pink Noise Ink.) and all our friends at IMADR for making the Japanese Launch possible.
Please Note! That the next Issue No. 24 - 'Banaba/Ocean Island News' - EDUCATION FEATURE will not be published now until late March. An update on our trip will be posted under our "WHAT'S NEW" & "LATEST NEWS" pages on my return late March.
Until then, I look forward to meeting with some of our Fiji & Kiribati members in person for the very first time.

Ti akabo!

Yachiyo City
04 February 1997
Need to know a lot about indigenous peoples just like the banabans.

Dan John

U.S. of A.
31 January 1997
Thanks for the interesting visit. I'm a Yank high school teacher of Social Studies. I spent a month touring Australia a few years back. Among my personal and professional interests is Multicultural issues. Keep up the good work!

Teri Bridges (nee Nanton)

18 January 1997
Kam na mauri kain Banaba iaon Rabi , Fiji ao iaon Kiribati.
We are proud to have an Internet connection to others in
the Banaban community.

If anyone would like to contact my husband, Dan Bridges,
and I, you can write to us at 18 Headland Street,
SUNNYBANK, Q'LD 4109, Australia.

We are currently redecorating out home. It will end up 50% Banaban and
50% Australian. Our warm greetings to all our relatives
and friends on Rabi Island, in Fiji and to my sister, Temaea,
married in the Kiribati to Toma Awira. We miss you all.

We send our congradulations to the newly elected Council,
especially to its Chairperson, John Teaiwa.

Please feel free to contact us by email, post, or by phone.

Tia boo, moce mada.

Teri & Dan Bridges.

P.S. A special hello to James, Laisa and Christine at USP
from Dan and to Maraea from Teri.

Claus Wessing
13 January 1997
Hello to everybody here! I have been to your beautiful islands
and I'd like to greet everybody I know. I am eagerly
interested on the whole range of Kiribati products,
as I am running a trading company in Germany for South Seas
products. Hoping to hear from you soon!
Claus Wessing

Bureieta Leauga
Western Samoa
06 January 1997
Just wanted to say Talofa to all the Banaban community.

Im looking for some info. please on a Bureieta Karaiti. I am named after him. Do anyone know if he is emailable??

My parents are Ioritana and Anne who are good friends of Rev. Bureieta and Angaraoi Karaiti.

Thank you for the use of your message board for my posting.

respectfully yours





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